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Winter Losses - Central Vermont

This record of winter losses was reported by the Central Vermont Club



Hive mortality winter/spring 2011                                                             Poll taken on  3/12/2011


# Hives going into Winter                             Location                               # Hives as of 3/12/2011

3 + DBL NUC                                                       Eden                                      3 + DBL NUC

5                                                                              Orange                                 1

1                                                                              Barre (indoors)                 1

13                                                                           Worcester                           8

7                                                                              Montpelier                         6

3                                                                              Berlin                                    3

2                                                                              Middlesex                           0

34                                                                           Waitsfield                            10

4                                                                              Northfield                           3

2                                                                              Cabot                                    2

5                                                                              Stowe                                   5

4                                                                              E. Montpelier                    4

Total      85                                                                                                           Total      46                          

                                                                                                % survival                            54.12%


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