Vermont Beekeepers Association

Who We Are and What We Do

Vermont Beekeepers AssociationSince 1886 the VBA has promoted the general welfare of Vermont's Honey Industry, while sustaining a friendly body of unity among the state's beekeepers.  

The Vermont Beekeepers Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, represents hundreds of beekeepers that raise bees for the love and honey. We’re as diverse as the 246 towns in Vermont, but are unified in our fascination with and affection for bees. Most of us are hobbyists, but there are some “side liners” who try to make a bit of extra income from their 25-200 hives as well as a handful of full-time professionals. Join Today!

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The VBA's first workshop has been moved up a week - from April 14 to April 7 due to the early spring weather and the need to manipulate hives. Check the entire schedule here.

VBA Librarian Curtis Middleton has updated the VBA Resource Library listings (member login required to access).

Curtis will be at the northern yard workshop on April 7th. VBA members who wish to check out an item from the library may contact the librarian prior to the workshop and have it delivered to them at the workshop. This will also be an opportunity to return items to the library. Please note that library items checked out at the VBA winter meeting are now overdue for return.

And check out this video from VBA member Ted Albers who came across these bees raiding a birdhouse in Shelburne. (Ted wants to know why they might be doing this!)