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Web Link How to run an electric fence

Great video on running an electric fence around a small apiary.

Web Link Bee Informed Partnership Carbohydrate Feeding Report

A survey from the beeinformed partnership regarding supplemental feeding of bees and the associated feed type

Web Link Stunning bee photos, public domain 1580
Web Link Responding to an S.O.S. from the Commercial Beekeeping Industry

Webinar Featuring:

Marla Spivak, University of Minnesota 
Tuesday April 22, 2014 
12 pm (CT) / 1 pm (ET) 
Web Link Loss of Vermont hay fields limits food for bees

Loss of Vermont hay fields limits food for bees

Web Link a collection of articles written by Dr. Connor for Bee Culture magazine. 481
Web Link EPA:How We Assess Risks to Pollinators

EPA has improved how it evaluates the risks to bees resulting from the use of pesticides. This Web page provides an overview of the process.

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