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Winter Hive Loss

Mike Palmer addresses winter hive loss and our "early spring" in his Questions blog.

We'd like to hear your stories. Please take our Winter Hive Loss poll on the home page and let us know how the weather has been affecting you.


Pollination Specialist Requests Assistance

Taylor Ricketts is the new director of the Gund Institute at UVM and a specialist on pollination. He is requesting assistance  identifying sample pollinators in Vermont. He writes:

"I am new professor at UVM, studying, among other things, the importance of wild pollinators (both native bees and Apis) in supporting sustainable agriculture. I would like to begin similar research locally, on Vermont's food system, perhaps focusing on blueberry, squash, apple, or other bee-pollinated specialty crops.

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Heard on Chinese TV

I was listening to CCTV (central China TV) and their article in bees.  On 57.2, Plattsburg, NY

One part was about how the Chinese imported Italian bees several years ago to increase production.

Then they discovered several hives dying.

On investigating, they found that Italians were invading the Chinese hives and were ignored by the Chinese guard bees.  The Italians then found and killed the Chinese queens.  Movies of this happening.  The queen tried to escape by hiding in a group of Chinese workers, but was found and killed.  The Italians then robbed the confused Chinese hive.

The second part of the show was about a special dance the Chinese bees did when attacked by mites.  Other bees in the hive then came and removed the mites.

How do we train Italians to do mite dances and respond to them?


Library News, Earlier Date, and More...

The VBA's first workshop has been moved up a week - from April 14 to April 7 due to the early spring weather and the need to manipulate hives. Check the entire schedule here.

VBA Librarian Curtis Middleton has updated the VBA Resource Library listings (member login required to access).

Curtis will be at the northern yard workshop on April 7th. VBA members who wish to check out an item from the library may contact the librarian prior to the workshop and have it delivered to them at the workshop. This will also be an opportunity to return items to the library. Please note that library items checked out at the VBA winter meeting are now overdue for return.

And check out this video from VBA member Ted Albers who came across these bees raiding a birdhouse in Shelburne. (Ted wants to know why they might be doing this!)