Vermont Beekeepers Association

Hello, recently I stumbled on to a site, I think Canadian, where the writer indicated that he has used three deep hive bodies, instead of two, on his many hives and because of that has not had any swarming in many years. Unfortunately I cannot find the site again. Does anyone have any opinion on this ???? It makes sense because it would eliminate the possibility of crowding. Also does anyone recognize the web site, if so let me know. Thanks Peter

8/31/11 I found the web site with the info on 3 deep hive bodies and additional ventilation. It is The author has redesigned the hives to a square configuration instead of rectangular and has added special ventilation to the top of the hive. Very interesting reading. If you access the site look at the D E Hive details section. Finally I will be able to sleep tonight. I don't intend to build square boxes but the three hive bodies and additional ventilation might be worth a try next spring. I hope everyone is recovering from the Hurricane, a real mess. Peter