Vermont Beekeepers Association


“Dance of the Honey Bee” was a short film made by Peter Nelson as part of a challenge by Vision Research, a camera manufacturer, and a camera dealer Abel Cine to use their Miro camera in a new and unusual ways.  Since Peter has been a backyard beekeeper in the Hudson Valley  of New York for 23 years and a cinematographer by profession, his concept was to do an homage to the honey bee by showing them in super slow motion.

He set out to do a short film that would be of interest to environmentalists, beekeepers and camera geeks alike.

He tells us, "Because I was doing a 5-6 minute film I felt I could use that time to try to raise the awareness of these challenges through showing just how interesting and beautiful these little creatures are.  The pictures I was able to capture were lyrical and mesmerizing and I was seeing bees in ways I had imagined but was not able to see with the naked eye.  To accompany the images, I recorded an interview with the amazing environmentalist, writer and founder of, Bill McKibben that became the narration track for the film.  He clearly outlines the role that honey bees play in our ecosystem, the pressures we put on them and the close collaboration we as humans have with them.  I was also very privileged to have the wonderful film composer John Powell to compose a musical score for the film."

Spring is just days away...