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Mike Palmer keeps bees at French Hill Apiaries in St. Albans. We are grateful that he has agreed to answer questions on beekeeping in Vermont, his workload permitting.

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Treat for Mites

Jennifer Zollner writes:

Despite seeming very strong in early October, the bees in my hive had visible Varroa mites. I treated them with (can't remember name). Now I have a supply of HopGuard. When should I treat hives with it. I'm assuming mid-November is too late for this year, but am not sure. Thx!

I don't really know much about Hopguard. I think you're saying that you treated in October, after discovering a mite load in your bees. Did the treatment decrease the mite count? Did you test? I would want to know the mite level in your colonies before I recommended any further treatment.

Maybe someone else can answer your question about a November treatment.

Seems to me, the best time would be when the colony was in a brood-less condition.

- Mike