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Mike Palmer keeps bees at French Hill Apiaries in St. Albans. We are grateful that he has agreed to answer questions on beekeeping in Vermont, his workload permitting.

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Unwanted Tenants

Peter Hadeka writes:

Hi Mike, I am a Hobbyist beekeeper and I have a friend that has had a swarm take up residence it his house. The bees are entering through a opening in the inside corner of clap boards. Due to the proximity of the electric meter it would be a huge mess to try to open the wall and remove the bees. Is there any way to convince these bees to leave? I hate to try to kill them with spray and caulk up the crack. Would any "Bee Go" type of product work? Or other suggestions ? Thanks, Peter.

There's really no good way to get the bees to vacate their cavity. I've seen screen cones work, if you locate a nucleus colony on a platform at the entrance. The cone extends to the entrance, and bees can leave the cone but not return. Takes a long time. Cutting the bees out of the wall is really the best solution. Are they bothering anyone...other than the meter reader. :-D   

You could leave them alone. They might not make the winter, and then you can close up the entrance come spring.