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Who We Are and What We Do

Vermont Beekeepers AssociationSince 1886 the VBA has promoted the general welfare of Vermont's Honey Industry, while sustaining a friendly body of unity among the state's beekeepers.  

The Vermont Beekeepers Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, represents hundreds of beekeepers that raise bees for the love and honey. We’re as diverse as the 246 towns in Vermont, but are unified in our fascination with and affection for bees. Most of us are hobbyists, but there are some “side liners” who try to make a bit of extra income from their 25-200 hives as well as a handful of full-time professionals. Join Today!

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VBA Winter Meeting Agenda

January 30th 2018

Location: Essex Junction Fairgrounds - Blue Ribbon Pavilion

Miller North Conference Rooms A & B


8:30 AM Setup, registration

9:00 AM Welcome

9:10 AM Honey Contest winners Ron Bartemy

9:20 AM Bee inspector’s Report, Laura Johnson, VT Agency of Agriculture

9:40 Vermont Honey Bee Survey Samantha Alger

10:00 Keynote Presentation Peter Vichos, Kemptville Ontario

Managing Bees for Maximum Honey Production in Ontario, Canada

Peter Vichos is a third generation beekeeper from Kemptville, Ontario. Peter’s beekeeping history dates back to 1948 when his father started keeping bees for a living. Peter has been keeping bees since he was a teenager, working with his father while learning the ropes of a successful beekeeping business.In April of 1996 after quitting his job as an engineer, Peter purchased his first 400 colonies. At the same time, he was also helping his father (who was in the process of retiring) run his 300 colonies. Peter now manages around 1,400 colonies.Peter will be discussing the management techniques and skills he uses to manage his 1,400 colonies. He is not a migratory beekeeper; rather he keeps bees like most of us do. It has been said that Peter yields honey crops about 4 times our Vermont average.Peter sells his honey in bulk to various honey packers across Canada, the U.S., and the EU.

11:15 AM Business Meeting

Membership Report – Scott Wilson

Secretary’s Report – Steve Silverman

Treasurer’s Report – Jack Rath presenting for Donna Pollard

Certification Committee – Bill Mares/Ross Conrad

Librarian’s Report – Marilyn Post

Apiary Committee Report – Bill Mares and Jeffrey Hamelman

Fair Committee –

VBA History Book - Bill Mares/Ross Conrad Mentor Report

New Business

Update on mentor program and addition of beginner resources on the VBA website Andrew Munkres and Scott Wilson

VBA board proposal for managing donation requests

12:30 Lunch On your own

1:30 PM Workshops: Session 1

Track A:

  • Winter Preparation of Hives in Ontario.  Peter’s unique and successful methods for preparing colonies for winter.  Peter Vichos

Track B:  

  • Reading frames:  How to read brood frames to determine the health and needs of your colonies.


2:30 PM Workshops Session 2

            Track A:  

  • RNA viruses and Varroa mites: Temporal  variation in honeybee pathogens influences patterns of coinfection,

Alex Burnham University of Vermont

           Track B:  

  • History of Beekeeping in Vermont - Bill Mares, Ross Conrad, Scott Wilson, Kim Greenwood, Larry Solt and Larry Karp
  • Insect sourced protein.  New uses of drone brood Julia Lees and Kitty     Foster of Laroua Foods

3:30 Additional business

A proposal for the VBA to aid beekeeping students in Mexico by Michael Palmer.


4:00 VBA Summer Meeting June 23,2018  

Missisquoi Valley Union Middle/High School

175 Thunderbird Dr. Swanton, VT 05488