Thanks to These Generous Donors!

The Vermont Beekeepers Association would like to thank the following for their generous donations to the raffle held at the 2010 Summer Meeting in Dorset.summer2010-4

Doug Willette - Hive assembly and Buckfast Abbey Book

Claude & Janet Hoard - "Beekeeper Identification Kit" (Welcome sign, nightlight & birdhouse)

David & Susan Witger - Bucket feeder

Chris Hemenway, Gold Start Honey Bees - Top Bar Hive Kit

summer2010-3Dana LaRose - Top Feeder

Pat Imbimbo - $30 New England Farms Gift Certificate

Bill Mares - Croation honey & Croation Honey Wine

Mike Palmer - Nuc Colony

Gib Geiger - Maple syrup, comb honey, eggs & a Queen

Bill & Donna Pollard - Ring

Ross Conrad - Honey

Thank you very much!